Waste Paper Solutions in Hastings


Did you know it’s been 10 years since we first started collecting from local businesses in Hastings??

We started with just one small van and a plan!  Waste Paper Solutions has now grown in to a great company, servicing hundreds of small to medium businesses across Kent & Sussex. We are very proud of what we have achieved and LOVE to share our passion for customer service! Our personal dedication comes from a very small team who are just dedicated to providing a very personal experience for our customers……

Zoe & Melanie love what they do and we love what they do for our company! If you have had the pleasure of dealing with us then we hope you agree. If so please spread the word – we want more customers!

We have a van in Hastings, Battle and St Leonards twice a week and can collect small volumes on very short notice or large volumes with a little bit more planning…..

We have lots and lots of very satisfied customers and would love to have more so please spread the love! Email zoe@wastepapersolutions.co.uk or call us 0203 086 7843. Thank you!

Waste Paper Solutions

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