In May 2006 Paul Crabtree was working as a surveyor for a London based building company. The company was in the midst of establishing a recycling policy to deal with the huge volume of waste paper they were throwing away on a weekly basis. Paul was involved in restructuring to increase productivity and efficiency within the company and was alarmed and discouraged at the lack of facilities available to recycle their waste paper. It occurred to Paul that the building company was unlikely to be the only small business struggling to find a resource for their commercial waste, and there was clearly a gap in the market for someone to step in and remedy a widespread problem.
A survey carried out over 200 businesses showed this to be true. All 200 business called were interested in a paid recycling service providing the price was right. A business plan was drawn up and taken to the bank (who were thankfully still lending at the time!). Paul purchased a van, registered the company name, enlisted a web designer to set up and the fledgling recycling company was born.
Business grew quickly, the gap in the market was huge and soon we were taking on new customers daily. The hardest job was co-ordinating all the different areas for collections using just the one vehicle!
Although Waste Paper Solutions was initially established with the sole purpose of recycling paper, it immediately became apparent that companies had a duel problem in that they could not dispose of confidential paperwork through the council for Data Protection reasons. Waste Paper Solutions became ‘Waste Paper Solutions – Confidential Waste Management’. We met with industry experts and our paper recycling plant managers and agreed that we could provide a dual service to our customers for little extra cost. All paperwork collected was pulped as a matter of course anyway to aid with the recycling process, thereby destroying all sensitive information in the process. The obvious step was to install shredding and baling machines at the facility to eliminate all risk of data leakage. This move enabled us to take on high profile clients and now promote Waste Paper Solutions not only as a unique commercial  recycling service, but also as an affordable confidential data destruction solution for small businesses.
In 2014 we signed deals with shredding facilities across the UK, forming working relationships with larger service providers in order for us to offer customers up and down the country the same product that we had now been selling successfully around the home counties for 8 years. We now have 5 dedicated shredding facilities that not only crosscut shred all paperwork we transfer but have a 100% recycle policy too. We are proud of our humble beginnings and even prouder to be able to offer our customers such a wonderful service where none existed before.


People always ask why we use a butterfly in our logo. The logo was developed by a great creative team based in Ashford in 2007, a year after the company itself was founded. Their idea was that the butterfly represented change, the creation of one thing out of another and particularly relevant as the butterfly too comes from humble beginnings. We fell in love with the idea and the butterfly has been with us since. The colour scheme is still as fresh today as it was nearly ten years ago and each colour in the logo has a purpose  – representing a particular service that we offer, as illustrated above. It all ties in nicely and looks great too

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